All Iowa Shop Hop Magazine Corrections

AISH Magazine Corrections

Well I suppose when you print a magazine that is 116 pages long, you might expect to find a couple errors, but DANG IT!  I hate when that happens!!

Here are a couple edits to the magazine.  Please go to the pages indicated below and make the edits in your copy so you have them for future reference.

Grand Prizes:  Page 23:  (this is a BIG mistake

  • The EAST CENTRAL REGION prize should be the High Definition Dual Camera Unit sponsored by Nolting Manufacturing in Hiawatha. 
  • The NORTH CENTRAL REGION Prize is the Grace Company Quilting Frame. 

We apologize for this mistake and thank both sponsors for their generous support of the All Iowa Shop Hop!

Tall Corn Grows Here Pattern:  Page 42 top of 2nd column:  “From Shirting #2″ should read: Cut 1 strip 8 1/2″ x WOF; subcut into [5] 8 1/2″ x 8 1/2” squares

Tall Corn Grows Here Pattern:  Page 47:  Step 7 has placed the corn units incorrectly. The point should be away from the center of the block. The wide part of the triangle should be pointed toward the center. 

Tall Corn Grows Here Template Error:  Page 59:  The Accuquilt die cut system is recommended for cutting the templates for this pattern.  The designer did provide paper templates that can be used to cut it out as well.  The KITE TEMPLATE on page 59 is mis-sized and too small.  You can download the CORRECTED templates on from our “FREE PATTERNS” download article.

Wrong Contact Info:  Page 50:  Binding Hearts Quilting does not have a website.  You can see their work on Facebook:

Resource Page Regional Information:  Page 50:  in the first column, our intro text refers to information in the listings about their regional locations.  Those were accidentally omitted, but you can find that information on the “Resource Page” here on our website.

Wrong Page Reference:  Page 102:  2nd column at the end of the pattern directions, “(continued on page 89)” should say “(continued on page 107)”


We’ll keep you updated if we find any others!