2020 All Iowa Shop Hop magazine giveaway

AISH FB Followers Win 2020 Edition of All Iowa Shop Hop Magazine!!!

We recently ran a promotion on our FB page offering followers the chance to tell us what they love the most about Iowa Quilt Shops.  Fifteen of our followers that posted won a copy of the 2020 edition of the All Iowa Shop Hop Magazine!

We all know how important our quilt stores to are, but it was so heart warming to see what everyone posted!  We had over 350 posts to our question.  Some commented on what they liked best about the All Iowa Shop Hop, and some about Iowa Quilting Stores.  Here are the posts from our 15 winners:

Theola B:  The Iowa Shop Hop allows me to spend quality time with my mom, sister and niece as we pick a region every year and visit every shop. Every shop is unique with their own service and product. Thank you for organizing this event every year.

Kathy  H:   People. I love going and seeing all the people. The love we have for each other is amazing. I love looking at all the new gadgets the stores have. Iowa Shop Hop is my therapy. I look forward to seeing everybody.

Denise B:  I love getting to know the owners and the different choices of materials, patterns, books and kits each one carries. Each one has its own uniqueness.

Cat W:  Each store’s employees, no matter where in Iowa, are so friendly and helpful! I know I can ask any questions and they will be answered with a smile.

Carolina W:  They are usually locally owned so you are supporting your neighbors when shopping. The staff are usually friendly and helpful and don’t think any question is dumb even the real simple ones. They encourage you to wander and dream even when they know you’re only window shopping.

Sharon S:  The quilts displayed and the different ways they use the feature fabrics

Amy E:  I love that every store brings a new adventure! Every store offers a little something different, its almost like a vacation.

Dyann R:  What’s NOT, to love about our Iowa quilt shops?

Susan N:  I love them all!!  Such friendly employees and each shop is so unique in it’s own special way. Such a variety of fabrics!

Lola D:  Just commenting that I so enjoy the quilt stores and how I can always find new materials for my stash and so many new patterns to try! Sewing and quilting are great skills to learn!

Barb P:   Attending my first AISH was when my addiction began! I loved visiting the first few shops I got to that year (2015). I go shop hopping each year, and visit new-to-me-shops each time. I do have to say that I have not been able to do the whole state yet but gonna work on it again! 😍

Janet R:   The shops have such caring people willing to help. Customers too, will share ideas and solutions. I’ve gone to lots of shops during the shop hop that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I look forward to it.

Sarah G:  I love visiting the different stores and finding other little local businesses.  Such as restaurants and ice cream shops or historical points of interest.  I might never have stopped at these places if it weren’t for the shop hop.

Stephanie S:  Love the owners and employees who get to know me (and my boys) and are always eager to help us find just what we need to make our projects.  And they want to see the finished projects! The variety in shops across the state is awesome too!

Tammie D:   There are lots of things I love about Shop Hopping!   1. A friend & I go together so we have time to chat.   2.  Every store is different.   3.  Somehow I seem to find things at every store that “I’ve got to have”.   4.   I’ve yet to meet anyone shop hopping that isn’t enjoying themselves.   5.  Totally appreciate that kits are available.  6.   I always come home inspired and ready to get to work on a new project!!

We LOVED seeing all of the reasons our followers love Iowa quilt stores and the All Iowa Shop Hop.

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