Brooklyn Fabric Company – Brooklyn, Iowa

Brooklyn Fabric Company

Lisa Bender has owned and operated her store for 7 years.  Brooklyn Fabric Company’s niche is last year’s and discontinued fabric!  Have you ever got to the end of a project only to realize you didn’t buy enough fabric?  And the store you bought it from doesn’t have any more?  Brooklyn Fabric Company may be the place to call!!!  Lisa’s store is bright and fresh, very organized, with a great selection of fabric.  She also sells a lot of fabric online to customers all over the United States.  She says that being near interstate 80 is great because some of those customers she sells to online will take the 2 mile detour off the interstate to stop by and say hi.

Lisa’s husband helps out “in the background”.  He helped build her website and assists with online marketing.  He also fulfills their online orders when needed.  Brooklyn Fabric’s store “mascot” the bee.  It’s extra special because Lisa’s husband also raises bees!  (I didn’t see any honey in the store though)

Lisa gives All Iowa Shop Hop credit for helping her during her first couple years in business when she was trying to get her brand off the ground.  She’s been part of the adventure for all of her seven years in business.   She appreciates her “sister” stores, Brooklyn True Value and 3 Sisters in Montezuma.  She says that many of her customers regularly make a day of shopping between the three stores.  Afterwards, many will finish their trip with a stop at Classic Deli in Brooklyn for homemade great food.  She also suggests when you’re in town, you check out the flags on display  in town.  Brooklyn is known as the city of flags.  Fun Fact:  it is also the former home of John Wayne; he lived in Brooklyn when he was in Kindergarten.