Nolting Manufacturing – Hiawatha

While Nolting Longarm was incorporated in 1984, the original “Nolting” longarm goes back to the prototype created by Fred Nolting in the 1970’s and sold under the Gammill name. Since 1984, Nolting has proudly designed, developed and manufactured our longarms and frames entirely in the United States. 

In our facilities in Hiawatha, Iowa, our skilled machinists saw, bend, mill, weld, perform lathe work and drill of every machine and frame.  Our assemblers take a finished longarm machine body and assemble it completely.  From installing the electronics, gears and shafts to the sewing components, decals and unique serial number, you can see why Nolting machines are known as the workhorse of longarms. 

Our customer service doesn’t stop at machine delivery. We have a network of dealers across the country ready and willing to help you get the most out of your Nolting. You can also call us directly and see why Nolting customer service is second to none in the longarm industry. 

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