All Iowa Shop Hop June 1-July 31

Shop Hop EXTENDED through July!

Spread the News!!!

The All Iowa Shop Hop has extended its scheduled dates for an additional month!

NEW DATES:  June 1 – July 31st!

Most of our stores across the state are open for business in one form or another.  We are confident we will all be approved to be open June 1st.  However, we know that some of our stores and some of our consumers might be observing some restrictions that will make it harder to get out in early June.  So we’re giving everyone an extra month to get to as many stores as possible!

Passports deadlines will also be delayed by one month.

Deadline to drop your passport at a store is August 3rd, and to be postmarked is August 6th.

Prize Drawing will be held Saturday, August 15th.

We will also be posting updates to any store restrictions here on our website when it gets closer to June 1st.

Please help us spread the word!

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