Welcome Koleene!

All Iowa Shop Hop is pleased to introduce Koleene Herlocker as the organization’s new director. Koleene brings a wealth of experience and background in programming and marketing. Over the past 25 years she’s been a business owner and consultant in various service industries.

Koleene learned about the All Iowa Shop Hop during the last days of the June 2019 event. She stopped at a few stores while traveling through Iowa and quickly became fascinated by the concept of a Shop Hop. 

As a regular at a shop near her home, Koleene was surprised that she had not heard about the All Iowa Shop Hop previously. She realized she had the skills to further establish and promote the program to gain more customers and participants.

Feedback from past Shop Hop participants aligns with Koleene’s experience last year – a scenic tour of Iowa; charming stores with helpful advise; and warm, welcoming communities. Be sure to set aside some time in June 2020 to be a part of our next event.

If your store has not participated in All Iowa Shop Hop in the past, this is a great time to become part of the tour. Contact Koleene to learn how to make All Iowa Shop Hop your best marketing investment in 2020. If you are