Expansion Provides New Shop Hop Events

What’s better than attending one statewide Shop Hop? Why two, of course!

We are excited to announce that the All Iowa Shop Hop program is expanding to other states. Join us in the Carolinas this October and November for more Great Sewing Adventures™ across these TWO states!

We’re busy planning a Shop Hop program in North and South Carolina with many of the same elements as the All Iowa Shop Hop – exclusive fabric, the All Carolinas Shop Hop Magazine, patterns, articles, resources, and more.  The All Carolinas Shop Hop will also include a unique set of collectible quilt squares.

Be sure to check us out at www.AllCarolinasShopHop.com and join our Facebook Group, the All Carolinas Shop Hop.  And if you haven’t already, be sure to join the All Iowa Shop Hop Facebook Group as well.  Please help us spread the word by SHARING, SHARING, SHARING.

So, if you’re looking for a warm place to visit this fall, and you LOVE the All Iowa Shop Hop, save the dates, call your quiltsies, and start planning for October & November 2021!