Clover Cottage – Emmetsburg

Do all Quilters dream of opening their own store someday?   My friends and sister would all joke and say we should open a store or something along those lines.  Well, as we watched the stores around us close, and realized we were traveling further to purchase the fabrics, it was something my husband Steve thought I should do.  We talked about it quite a bit.  He ended up buying a building, and here I am.  It is a small store that just opened November 1st, 2021.  I have many ideas that I want to implement, and I know it will take time, but I have loved every bit of it so far.  We have started doing small classes because of spacing, but plan to expand on that.

 I grew up with grandmothers and a mother-in-law that all sewed.  I took my very first quilting class in a store that was here in town, and I have been hooked since.   I love to create and watch the quilt come to life. I also like to make bags and all sorts of crafty things.

 I have 2 grown children and will get to be a 1st time grandma this summer, so am looking forward to that! 

 My husband (Steve of 34 years ) and I both grew up in Emmetsburg.  

The store is named Clover Cottage. We are an Irish town, and I wanted something to incorporate my Irish heritage.  This just looked like a cottage.  When thinking about Irish things, everyone thinks of a 4 leaf clover, but really it is a 3 leaf clover, so Clover Cottage was the name.  I have online shopping,