Focus on Florals with Maywood Studio

Florals are blooming everywhere on fabric these days and it is the perfect time to sew up a new project! Maywood Studio is known for beautiful florals, harmonious color, and creative panels. Their floral collections have been enjoyed by quilters for more than two decades.

Maywood Studio designs florals that stand out among the bunch, making floral prints the centerpiece of their trademark style. Committed to designing timeless and approachable textiles, florals have become a staple in their collections and seasonal prints.

“The colors and patterns are timeless,” explains Charlotte Flory, Maywood Studio design director. “We spend hundreds of hours making quilts and we want them to be treasured for generations to come.”

The studio artists render each print with a detailed hand, varying the size and scale of the blooms and adding texture to the backgrounds. Companion prints such as geometrics and smaller scale stripes complement the more organic floral shapes. No detail is left untended!

Panels, border stripes, and running yardage of blocks with floral vignettes are an important part of the traditional floral collections that Maywood Studio is well known for. These classic ideas are approached with fresh eyes each time. Imagine all the projects you can make by simply adding a border stripe around a panel or piecing the focal florals with the pretty printed blocks!

Maywood Studio also works with designers, creating florals based on their unique vision and inspiration. The clever, hand-drawn illustrations of Kris Lammers are quite different than the photorealistic collages that Nicholas Lapp creates with flowers from his garden. Both are what make Maywood Studio collections memorable.

Driven by their goal to inspire creativity and encourage lifelong quilters, Maywood Studio believes that no matter what project you choose to make, you should love the fabric you make it with.

Photo caption 1

The Lavender Sachet quilt plays with a secondary pieced geometric pattern that highlights the floral vignettes. It is available to view and download for free at