Quilts Need People

We tried something new this year with our photography. We wanted to highlight the close connection people have with quilts. They are utilitarian, serving as blankets and artistic influence in our homes. They keep us warm on winter nights. They provide a soft space for picnics outside on a beautiful summer day. They are great for making forts in the living room.

But they are so much more than just useful. They’re personal. They comfort us when we’re sad. They may be constructed with recycled clothing to remind us of loved ones or a special time in our lives. They tell us someone loved us enough to create something beautiful just to let us know that.

They often comfort strangers as many quilters are generous with their art, donating to charity organizations so a foster child can have something of their own, a veteran and their family might have a symbol of appreciation for their service to our country. Moms and children are provided with something more than a blanket to comfort them during difficult times.

They also provide a creative outlet for us. People who create need that outlet. It balances us and provides many intrinsic benefits. We hope that our quilt and people models in this year’s magazine help remind you of all the reasons people need quilts! And we hope it will make you proud that your outlet provides so many benefits to others.